Books and Chocolate

I personally know how hard it is to get noticed when trying to do a book signing. People don’t know who I am yet, so when I’ve set up at parades and the church’s rummage sale, I hardly got any attention from anyone other than my friends and family that came to support me.

So, I had an idea. What if there was an event for local authors to come do a collective book signing?

What else could we have that would draw the crowds? What do people like that goes along with books?


I decided to put together an event where local authors and bakers can come sell their goods to a large crowd that is there solely for Books and Chocolate (and other delicious desserts the bakers whip up). Advertising for an event like that is a lot less difficult because it feeds into the “shop local” frame of mind and isn’t narcissistic, since there will be other authors there too.

It’s still nine months away (October 19th), so I have plenty of time to prepare and gather together the authors and bakers that are interested. I’m hoping for this to be a huge success! I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m terrified.

Wish me luck!

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