I had a very important dinner meeting (a.k.a. date) with my husband on Friday night. I took along a pen and my Legend of Zelda sheikah slate notebook (Only the best for the occasion!) and during dinner we talked about some overarching story lines that I could follow. It was extremely helpful to me.

Now that my first book of the trilogy is out, I was beginning to panic because I couldn’t figure out how my story was going to unfold. I didn’t have a direction or any major plot points. Every time I would try to think about it, I would get overwhelmed, so I would just go back to writing the scene I was on and put the outlining off until later.

Story writing can be a lot of fun, but it can be quite challenging to think of new concepts and not just fall back on popular tropes. Especially when you really like a book series and your story is in the same vein as it.

I got enough plot points figured out to continue writing for now, but I think I’ll have to go on another one of those brainstorming dates with my husband again… preferably soon.

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