It’s been a while…

I haven’t been posting much lately because my writing life has been minimal. I’ve wanted to write, but I’ve been battling a springtime flood here at my new house instead. The entire driveway was a two inch deep puddle for a few weeks and it managed to flood our garage for a while, too. Good news is it looks like we’re finally done with it! I can now get out of my Jeep without getting my feet wet.

This weekend, I will be doing my very first book signing for my latest book, The Rare! I still haven’t worked out my “elevator pitch” for it though. It’s one of the most challenging things as a writer; summing up a seventy five thousand word book into a few short sentences that doesn’t give away too much information but is still exciting and makes people want to read it. I guess every job has to have its challenges.

I may have some good news to share in the near future. It’s something I’ve been battling for a while, but it might be over soon . I’ll keep you posted!

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