Fan Fest Was Amazing!

This past weekend, I went to Chicago for Heroes and Villains Fan Fest to do a book signing. Did I sell a ton of books? No. But the experience was amazing!

I enjoyed seeing all the people dressed up in cosplay. I was hoping to see someone dressed as Storm from X-Men, but no luck. Someone had an X-Men suit costume, though! Maybe there will be more X-Men costumes at Comic Con in Milwaukee. We can hope!

I met a girl who apparently aspires to be a villain someday. I told her I liked her Loki picture she had. She came to my table and I told her about my book, SUPERNOVA, ending my spiel with how they need to find a cure for their superpowers before everyone dies. She responds with a smile, “But why?! Everyone should die!” She reminded me of my DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) character, Cindy, from THE RARE. That’s a scary thought! Cindy is pretty crazy.

The best part of all was when we finished at Fan Fest and went to supper. We were too tired to drive around and find a restaurant, so we went to the steakhouse restaurant by the convention center. As we walked in, someone commented on my husband’s Punisher shirt, saying, “Funny you’re wearing that Punisher shirt! He’s in the bar having dinner!”

Cool! We went to ask for a table and the hostess said, “It’s going to be a forty minute wait, unless you want to sit in the bar. We serve food there too.”

Even better! Now we can have dinner and see Jon Bernthal (Punisher) while we eat.

We walk into the bar and my husband leads us to a table right next to Jon and two other actors from Punisher, Jason Moore, and Josh Stewart! We tried really hard to not look at them and to give them their privacy. Jason interacted a bit when he asked to move the chair at our table so he could plug in his phone to charge. He also thanked me when I said bless you after he sneezed.

I know. I know. I sound like a squealy fan girl, but this is the first time we have ever had contact with Hollywood actors. We were going to leave without bothering them, but we couldn’t help ourselves. We asked for a picture, and they were totally cool with it. I am so glad we got to meet them personally. It was a great way to end the Fan Fest experience.

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