Dark Phoenix

I usually post things about my writing on my author page, but I feel like giving my thoughts about Dark Phoenix instead. I saw it opening night, and unfortunately, I could already tell this movie was going to do poorly by the amount of people seeing it. I was expecting a packed theater, and, sadly, it wasn’t even half full.

I wanted to love it. I really did. But all I can give it is a shoulder shrug and an “it was okay.” I never read any of the comics, so I didn’t have a bias going into it, but somehow it still disappointed a bit. The best parts of the movie were the fight scenes and there weren’t very many of them. There was one glorious part where Storm kicks some serious butt taking out like ten guys with one lightning strike. Man, I love Storm. I really think she should get her own movie.

I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but in an effort to have “girl power”, I feel Marvel has given two women characters too many powers. I find Captain Marvel and Phoenix to be somewhat boring. The reason I like X-Men so much is because of the variety of superpowers and the fact that mutants usually only have one type of power. That’s how I did it in my book, SUPERNOVA. Everyone got just one kind of power. When you only have one type of power, it’s possible to find ways for them to be defeated or struggle, which makes things interesting. When you have characters who are so powerful, nothing can defeat them, you lose the human aspect of the hero, and they are no longer relatable. Relating to characters is what it’s all about.

Don’t get me wrong, I like when they make women powerful, but it needs to be more realistic and not over the top. It’s like getting too much praise. It no longer feels genuine. It feels fake or forced, and that’s just about as annoying as getting no praise at all. Take Storm for instance. Storm’s ability to control weather is awesome and powerful, something I wish I could do, but she’s not invincible. She can get hurt just like anyone else. I also like Scarlet Witch. She’s really powerful, but again, she’s also breakable.

I thought I would be sad that this line of X-Men is finished, but after seeing Dark Phoenix, I’m okay with it. It was entertaining enough to see once, but I will not be waiting for the Blu-ray to come with baited breath.

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