This year is looking to be a pretty awesome year. My publisher is doing a reprint of my first novel, Supernova, in March and the second book of my trilogy, The Remnant, is set to come out in October.

After the terrible experience I had with the co-publisher to get Supernova out into the world, I’m happy to be working with someone I trust. Word of advice: Never sign on with a co-publisher.

I was desperate to get my book out there after being rejected over seventy times, but it was a horrible mistake and I will probably never make my money back. I paid ludicrous amounts for what turned out to be mediocre advertisement and then they didn’t pay me my royalties. I got them to return my rights to me, but I have no idea how many books I sold with them. Anyway, I’m in a better place now, and I hope I can be successful, so I can help out my publisher.

I also have three book signings set up for the year. A small book signing in Wisconsin Rapids public library on Feb. 8th; a book signing at the American Library Association Conference in Chicago at the end of June; and I’m going to give my Books and Chocolate event another try on November 14th. I’m hoping to attend some more, but with my new book coming out at the end of the year, I think next year would be the better year to do a book tour.

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