It all started with a simple request from my publisher: Find three bloggers that could do a book review for your book.

Sounds simple, right?

I thought so too, until I started looking. There are SO many bloggers out there! That may seem like a good thing, but I spiraled into an overwhelmed puddle as I scrolled through name after name after name.

This person has too many books to read already.

This person has too many followers. There’s no way they’d take my book.

This person likes fantasy and mental health issues, but doesn’t like YA.

I felt like I was searching for an agent all over again. You’re supposed to research a person to know whether they’d be a good fit, but how do you know? Their list of books are usually ones I’ve never seen before, so it’s hard to know whether my book is a good fit or not, unless I want to spend hours looking into all of their books to know whether there’s a link somehow.

Don’t get me wrong. Being an author is awesome! Creating new worlds, fun characters, an interesting plot. It’s just all the stuff that comes after the story is written that’s confusing.

I’m hoping at least one of the people I put on my list will be willing to read my book. At least one.

After spending some time looking at bloggers, I realized that it’s a pretty sweet gig on their part. Tons of authors vying for your attention. Sending you free books to read just for a review in return. Maybe I should have been a blogger

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